Nags Head Family Beach Trip {Part I}

Here are the photos of our Nags Head family beach trip to the Outer Banks in September when the heat breaks and the crowds fade. Part II coming tomorrow!

Our Nags Head Family Beach Trip Recap!

Last weekend we joined Thomas’s family and their long-time friends for a long weekend in Nags Head, which is on the southern end of the Outer Banks.

The two families have been going together for two weeks in September for more than 40 years. While we moved the trip up to August the last two years for school reasons, the Donnes love to go in September for better prices and crowd-free beaches, so they moved the trip back this year. 

While it’s not ideal to take the kids out of school, we let them skip a few days so we could stretch our visit over a long weekend. 

We had a wonderful visit with nothing but sunny, warm days!

Cousin Time

Birch, Mazen and their cousin Nash had a blast playing. They created all kinds of games! The big boys spent more time in the pool than they did the beach due to rough waves and “boring sand.”

But Birch loved the sand! He convinced us all to carry buckets of water up the hill so he could dump them out and ask us to do it again. 

There was also lots of grandparent time: fishing with Grandpa, lunch out with Nona, and an aquarium visit too!

Golf, Games & Beach Walks

Thomas and the gents went to play golf on Saturday. 

We played lots of Splendor and Jaipur in the evenings. 

And I got in a 45-minute beach walk every day. My most peaceful moments <3 

The Menu: Bagels, Sandwiches, and Seafood

We had standard beach fare of bagels for breakfast (+ John’s famous waffles!), sandwiches for lunch and tons of fresh seafood for dinner. 



Same sandwich every day!

Crab Night

Shrimp + Clams

Fresh Grilled Fish

Steamed Shrimp

Burgers + Beans

I’ll be back tomorrow with our visit to Jockey’s Ridge, date night out, and crab hunting!!